Uncharted Movie Still Has An Uncertain Future, Holland Hopes It Would “Work Out”

The Uncharted movie has seen its fair share of road bumps and even though we thought that the storm has passed, the future is still uncertain. Tom Holland recently spoke in an interview about the Uncharted movie, he stated that the idea is to tell Nathan Drake’s origin story and he hopes it works out.

However, this is just a conversation at the moment so nothing is finalized. If Sony and creative team working on the movie isn’t on the same page, the Uncharted movie could be put on hiatus again. For now, Tom Holland, Sony, Tom Rothman, and Shawn Levy are discussing the idea of an Origin story.

The idea is to make an origin story for Nathan Drake, something we haven’t really seen since the games take place later in his life, but at the moment this is just a conversation. I sat down with Tom Rothman and we sort of came up with this idea, and I sat down with Shawn Levy to talk about this idea, and believe me, this is something I’m very passionate about, that I would love to do, but it just depends if it’s going to work out,

Shawn is the lead director of the film while Sony has recruited Joe Carnahan for writing the latest draft of the script for the Uncharted movie. Joe Carnahan himself wanted to direct the movie but could not do it because of his busy schedule as he is set to direct Bad Boys 3.

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Source: Joe.Ie