Spider Man Developer Grabs $7M in Funding for Experimental New Game Prototypes

The developer of a number of Spider Man games, Vicarious Visions, started a new Venture called Velan Studios. The company grabbed funding of $7 Million. The huge amount was secured for experimental new video game prototypes.

Vicarious Visions co-founder Guha Bala stated that the funding will go to the new studio that explores ideas for future projects. These projects are going to be “hardware and software integrated experiences,” according to Bala. Such approach is not unfamiliar to the company thanks to their time with Guitar Hero and Skylanders.

It is really about securing the capital we need to build prototypes. And building a core team at the studio who will go around looking at new ideas, and look for the type of things that will create magical, engaging experiences that you can actually build future franchises on. It is really focused around that idea of discovery.

The company wants to take things a step forward from their previous projects and experiment with robotics, AI, and AR and come up with something unique for the community.

When we reflect back on the past, those ideas sort of seem obvious, at least after the fact. But at the same time, I don’t think we would have predicted those sort of categories until we found them. There is a tonne going on in robotics and AI, and to an extent these are sort of buzzwords. However, when you really dig in, these are really enabling technologies that have huge implications, but nobody has really thread the needle to find something magical and engaging. So it is unlikely that it will be something like we have done in the past, that is not our goal. But it is a really rich area to explore.

Velan Studios will take up the task of coming up with something that would suit the needs of Vicarious Visions.

Source: GameIndustry