Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm Obliteration DLC Releases Next Week Alongside Free Content

The final installment of the ongoing Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm DLC arrives next week, concluding the game’s season pass content. Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm Obliteration DLC will once again allow players inside Nazi Germany where they will be tasked with bringing down a nuclear project.

The Obliteration DLC, part 3 of the Deathstorm mini-campaign of Sniper Elite 4 will launch on all platforms on 18th July. Those with access to the DLC will also receive fine new Axis characters to use in the Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer.

In addition to the Deathstorm Obliteration DLC, developer Rebellion has also announced that a new expansion pack, Lock and Load will also be available on the same day. The Lock and Load DLC will add new weapons to the game in the form of SVT, M30 Drilling and Mauser M712 rifle. It is unclear what the price of the Lock and Load DLC will be at launch.

For those who aren’t interested in purchasing these DLC packs, Rebellion also has some free content incoming with the same update. Two new maps, The Facility and The Bunker will be available for free in Sniper Elite 4. Alongside these maps, the update will also increase the level cap from 50 to 250 and allow players to change their sniper reticle. Update will also add a new difficulty mode, Authentic Plus, which according to Rebellion Developments:

featuring relentless enemies and even fewer display aids, it’ll be a Herculean challenge, and players who are up to it will find two new trophies and achievements to earn.

All three pieces of content; Deathstorm Obliteration, Lock and Load and the free maps will be available on July 18th . To hype things up, Rebellion has released a new trailer for the DLC announcement, showing the WW2-era Germany which players will be visiting for the first time since Sniper Elite V2. The previous Deathstorm DLC, Infiltration, came out back in April and had players travelling to Italy.