Razer Raiju PS4 Controller Offers Premium Esports-Grade Experience

We talked about how third party controllers were coming out for the PS4 and we saw some images of what to expect. One of the controllers was the Razer Raiju PS4 controller. While those were early images of what we were supposed to expect, the Razer Raiju PS4 controller is now officially released. This is a premium controller for PS4 gamers that want the best controller that money can buy.

The Razer Raiju PS4 controller has all kinds of features and customizable options. There are 4 mappable buttons, 2 on the back and 2 at the bottom which you can assign according to your preference. This could come in handy for power users that need quick actions in-game. The Razer Raiju PS4 controller is aimed at the E-Sports segment and is much like the Xbox Elite controller.

Razer is known for making quality products and the Razer Raiju PS4 controller is no exception as the controller is made from premium materials and is very durable. It has passed a couple of certifications as well. Volume and microphone controls are also there on the controller and you can plug in a headset directly into the controller as well.

Razer Raiju PS4 Controller

The controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug in any headphones that you have without any issues. We do not have information regarding the pricing of the controller right now but seeing how the press release has just come in, you can expect the controller to hit the shelves soon. Pricing will also be disclosed then.

The Razer Raiju provides great functionality and it looks good as well. The Black and Blue combination looks great and the materials feel satisfying when you are gaming.

Let us know what you think about the Razer Raiju PS4 controller and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these controllers when they hit the shelves in a few days.