Nintendo Switch Battery Drain Issue May Not Be As Severe As Earlier Reports Suggested

While there is no denying that Nintendo Switch’s launch was filled with a variety of issues ranging from scratching dock to dead console, it seems like one of those issues might not have been as severe as originally believed to be. There have been numerous reports of the Nintendo Switch battery draining at an unbelievably fast rate.

However, according to some new reports surfacing, it is possible that in the case of some of those reported issues might have simply been related to the Switch battery indicator instead of the battery itself. While Nintendo had been offering users replacements and repairs for those whose battery drained at an unusual speed, it is possible that neither of those things might have been needed and simply turning off the battery indicator could have saved everyone the hassle.

According to one user, they were able to play an additional 30+ minutes even when their Nintendo Switch battery indicator displayed 1% confirming that the problem lied in the indicator and not the battery. Other similar reports have also hinted that despite the indicator showing 1% battery, the console was able to complete its estimated 3+ hours of run time in handheld mode.

While there is no official announcement from Nintendo regarding this discovery, it seems like the community might have discovered a fix for Nintendo Switch battery issue by themselves. Simply turning off the indicator can help alleviate the stress of seeing the battery at 1%. Alternatively, sometimes just restarting the console fixes the indicator. If all else fails, Nintendo will continue to offer repair under warranty for the Nintendo Switch battery issue.

Switch’s popularity has been growing considerably since the console launched and it is clear that unlike Wii U, the company seems to have a winner on their hands now with this hybrid console. The increasing amount of Wii U ports and 3rd party titles coming to the device are evidence enough of that.

Despite the analysis of individuals like Michael Patcher, it seems like Switch is here to stay and given time, will easily become a commonly owned console like PS4 and Xbox One.