New FIFA 18 Screenshot Might Have Shown What Leagues Are In Story Mode

A leaked new FIFA 18 screenshot might have just shown what sorts of leagues around the world are going to be featuring in the Journey story mode, which will show protagonist Alex Hunter traveling around the world as he furthers his soccer star career, which of course means leaving the UK.

The screenshot, which was leaked by a user on Reddit, shows off what appears to be six different leagues that Alex Hunter will either have the option of playing in, or will go to as he progresses through the story. In the previous FIFA story mode, Alex Hunter chose which of the 20 different Premiere League football clubs he wanted to join, so it may be a similar system here.

The new FIFA 18 screenshot shows that the six leagues in question are from a variety of different countries: Brazil, France, America, Germany, England, and Spain. The six different leagues and clubs will allow Hunter to come across a number of famous teams and football stars, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and many others (though the Ronaldo one is still in doubt).

FIFA 17’s “The Journey” was the first story mode that had ever been in a FIFA game, and it was a fairly popular one too, with around 14 million players. With such a positive response it’s no surprise that EA wants to keep Alex Hunter’s story going, and while you won’t be able to make your own character, you can customize Hunter to look the way that you want him to.

FIFA 18 is supposed to be coming out on September 29 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Until then, you can find the new FIFA 18 screenshot yourself by looking further up the article. And, if you’re a FIFA fan, be sure to start practicing for FIFA 18 so that you can wreck the competition come September.