MSI AM4 Motherboards: Up To 50 Euro Cash Back On Select Motherboard Purchases

If you are in the market for an AM4 motherboard then now would be a great time as MSI has a special promotion going on and you can get cash back on MSI AM4 motherboards. This offer is on specific MSI AM4 motherboards so do check the motherboard model before making a purchase. The cashback process is pretty simple and we are going to talk about it here.

You will be eligible for the cashback if you buy an MSI AM4 motherboard before the end of July. You will need to upload the purchase invoice to the official MSI website. Be sure to do with within 30 days of your purchase though. The cashback varies between 10 Euros and 50 Euros depending on the MSI AM4 motherboard that you are buying.

If you are interested in checking out the discount you will get with this promotion then the following is the list of MSI AM4 motherboards that are eligible for this promotion and the exact amount that you will get back.

  • X370 GAMING PRO CARBON AC – 40.00 €
  • X370 GAMING PRO CARBON – 30.00 €
  • X370 GAMING PRO – 20.00 €
  • X370 KRAIT GAMING – 20.00 €
  • X370 SLI PLUS – 20.00 €
  • X370 GAMING PLUS – 20.00 €
  • B350 GAMING PRO CARBON – 20.00 €
  • B350 KRAIT GAMING – 15.00 €
  • B350 TOMAHAWK ARCTIC – 15.00 €
  • B350 TOMAHAWK – 15.00 €
  • B350 GAMING PLUS – 15.00 €
  • B350M MORTAR ARCTIC – 15.00 €
  • B350 PC MATE – 10.00 €
  • B350M MORTAR – 10.00 €
  • B350M BAZOOKA – € 10.00
  • B350M GAMING PRO – 10.00 €
  • B350M PRO-VDH – € 10.00

If you are interested in making an AMD Ryzen powered PC then now would be a great time to avail this offer and buy one of these MSI AM4 motherboards. All kinds of motherboards have been included in the promotion. From the entry-level motherboards to the high-end ones.

Let us know what you think about the cashback offer on these MSI AM4 motherboards and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these MSI AM4 motherboards.