Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Set To Launch On 20th July On Steam

Fans of the Just Cause franchise who love all the mayhem in the games have some more reason to rejoice now as the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod will finally be releasing later this month, on 20th July. Nanos GbR, the team behind the mod announced the release date of when Just Cause 3 PC players will be able to dive into the world of Medici once again, this time in a multiplayer environment.

The Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod has been in development since the release of the game, building upon the same essence and concept of Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod which allowed 100s of players to enter the singleplayer game world together and then take part in various mayhem filled activities like racing, dogfights and deathmatches.

While the team behind Just Cause 2 mod did work for a while on creating a Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod, the project was canceled after the lead developer got hired by Avalanche Studios themselves, the developers of Just Cause 3. Meanwhile, this other mod continued to stay in development without any interference from Avalanche.

The mod entered beta back in December and public was given access to the multiplayer mod while development continued so as to learn from fan feedback. It seems like the development is either complete or is at a stage that the mod creators are satisfied that it will finally be launching next week on 20th July.

Of course, the mod will be available to download for free to anyone who owns the game on PC. Those interested in entering the multiplayer world of Medici can simply download the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod directly from Steam next week instead of looking through various websites and trying to find compatible files.

Considering the project was made by a team of fans and not actual developers who worked on the game, some issues are to be expected but often such issues lead to hilarious outcomes and that is what the mod basically aims for, delivering 100 players hilarious and explosive encounters.