Xbox One Games Will Receive Free 4K Updates For Xbox One X

Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that Xbox One games that will be available for the Xbox One X will be receiving free 4K updates, so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not a game will be able to run properly on the console when you start it up.

Considering that both the Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 Pro are both premium models of the original consoles, the issue of upgrading currently-available games to run on newer and more powerful hardware is one of the biggest problems both Sony and Microsoft are facing. If a game isn’t properly optimized for 4K, the game may end up running worse on the supposedly “better” console than it would on the normal one.

Sony has already run into this issue previously, with some users of the Playstation 4 Pro reporting that some games on the Pro ran worse than they did on the regular Playstation 4. Hopefully, with the free 4K updates that Microsoft will be giving games on the Xbox One X, that won’t be happening.

However, even with the updates, there’s no guarantee that upgraded games that are going to be on the Xbox One X will actually run better; optimization is something that requires a good bit of work, and if it’s not done well then games might have issues running better on the Xbox One X.

With the Xbox One X coming out around a full year after the Playstation 4 Pro, its direct competitor, Microsoft is going to have to claw for every sort of advantage that the X can get over the Pro, and who knows if free 4K updates to its games will be able to make up part of that difference? Either way, we’ll just have to see. The Xbox One X will be coming out on November 7 of this year, and will cost $499.