Bungie Goes Into Detail On Destiny 2 Sentinel Subclass

A new video has just been released by IGN that goes into detail on the Destiny 2 Sentinel subclass, which players might remember as having a large, round shield as its defining feature. According to the video, the shield will essentially turn Titans into Captain America when they activate it.

That means that, even though a shield is mainly a defensive weapon, the Sentinel class’s Super actually gives you a very versatile Super that you can use. You can smack enemies around with your shield, tossing it like a discus to bounce off of surfaces and enemies, or you can charge forward in a big shield bash much like the shoulder-charge the Titan has normally.

However, if you’re disappointed that the Defender subclass is gone, don’t be. The Destiny 2 Sentinel subclass is also partially the Defender, as you’re able to also make a Ward of Dawn if you’re in a situation where your normal shield won’t be very useful.

The Sentinel subclass is only the start of what we’re going to be able to do in Destiny 2. Whether you play a Sentinel Titan, an Arcstrider Hunter (which gives you a staff that you can batter your way through enemies with) or a Dawnblade Warlock (which gives you a flaming sword that you can fire energy blasts out of), Destiny 2’s going to have a subclass for every playstyle.

And those are only the first three, too. By the end of the original Destiny, there were three subclasses for each class of Guardian. Hopefully, we’ll have the same number in Destiny 2, if not more, as each class got one subclass for each element: Void, Arc, and Solar.

As we get closer to release we’ll likely get more videos that are about more than just the Destiny 2 Sentinel subclass, so by the time the game comes out you’ll be well-prepared for everything your Guardian can do.