Destiny 2 PC Sales Are Predicted To Reach 3 Million In The First Three Months

Even with its flaws, Destiny is a popular shooter for Bungie. Analysts predict that Destiny 2 PC sales are going to be going along with this trend, as those sales are supposed to reach around three million in the first three months of the PC port’s release in October.

Destiny released back in 2014, and got a good amount of criticism for what many saw as a lackluster story and a dearth of content. Those have improved over the past three years, and expectations for the upcoming sequel are apparently just as high as the original, though caution is also tempering the optimism after how Destiny originally launched.

Another missed thing that Destiny went through was the lack of a PC port, though Bungie is righting this with a PC port that will be running with Destiny 2, and will be available through Blizzard’s service. The Destiny 2 PC port will be releasing in October, around two months after the game comes out on consoles, but apparently this won’t dampen Destiny 2 PC sales.

Destiny 2’s more focused narrative will focus on the conflict between humanity and a new Cabal army, a fresh force called the Red Legion, led by the warlord Ghaul. The Red Legion attacks the Last City, destroying the Tower and capturing the Traveler, which robs the Guardians of all of their powers. Now, humanity must find a way to re-take the City and the Traveler, while looking at what it means to be a Guardian.

There are a number of factors that analysts are putting on Destiny 2 that will be the reasons for these high sales; the game will be available on the service of a well-regarded company (Blizzard), and will be coming out in the pre-holiday season, which is when a number of games come out in preparation for the holidays.

Hopefully their prediction of the Destiny 2 PC sales will be accurate, but we’ll have to see when October rolls around.