Blizzard Looking to Improve Roadhog After Hook Combo Nerf

Roadhog had been considered possibly the deadliest tank in Overwatch, especially for healers and characters with a low health pool thanks to his controversial to the point of being overpowered Hook ability. Blizzard has been experimenting and tweaking with changes to the hook so as not to exactly nerf it but balance it in such a way that everyone is happy.

One such tweak, the biggest one to the character overall, came recently when Blizzard reduced Roadhog’s weapon damage so that even if he hooks someone with a low health, the chances of the target getting killed by just one shot are really low. This decision did not sit well with a lot of players and there were cries that the character is useless now.

Responding to one such post on the Blizzard forums, Geoff Goodman the Principal Designer on Overwatch assured fans that the character is not going to be locked down in his current state. According to Geoff, there are some more changes being tested internally in especially to improve his survivability in order to balance out the hook combo nerf.

What this survivability buff might entail is unclear and it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of possibilities Blizzard can go down right now considering he already has the highest health in the game with 600HP. It possible that they might add a bit more armor to Roadhog to mitigate some extra damage from tank killers like Reaper. Whatever they decide, it needs to be focused on the long-term survivability of the game.

While the Roadhog hook combo balance can’t exactly be considered a nerf since he did gain some rate of fire and increased ammo count in his scattergun, just the fact that he can no longer one-shot characters like Mercy and Zenyatta after hooking them has the community in an outrage. The meta seems to have been shifted and players will need to adapt to the new playstyle.

Overwatch fan base’s passion when it comes to their favorite characters is certainly admirable. Whether it is being vocal about changes in-game or taking it to the next step by building a church for a character, the community continues to surprise even a year after the game release.