5 Highly Anticipated Games That Were Canceled

How do you feel when your most anticipated games are canceled? The feeling is pretty bad but there is nothing we can do about it but pray for the return of our beloved. This console generation so many anticipated games were canceled which is a shame.

Today, we will be taking a trip down a painful lane and remember some highly anticipated games that were canceled.

Silent Hills

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What can we say about Silent Hills? The title was under development at Konami and Kojima Productions in partnership with Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus. However, the title was scrapped, followed by the Hideo Kojima parting ways with Konami. Silent Hills triggered rumors of a dispute between Kojima and Konami, and soon after both parties parted ways and Hideo Kojima joined hands with Sony for Death Stranding.



Microsoft was already having a bad console generation and the cancellation of Scalebound came at the wrong time. However, it is said that the game wasn’t coming together and Phil Spencer’s reputation within the company was on the line. The final decision was made by Spencer to cancel Platinum Games’ Scalebound.

Fable Legends

Lionhead Studios Evolution Studios

Fable Legends was another victim of Microsoft’s neglect of first-party studios. The company couldn’t pay less attention to its own studios which result in mediocre games as well as cancellations. This online RPG looked spectacular but got canceled days after beta codes were sent out.

Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be the biggest Star Wars game to release, a game that the community deserved after low-budget titles and LEGO Tie-Ins. But sadly Walt Disney ended production after they purchased LucasArts in 2013. Thankfully, Star Wars Battlefront series from EA came to save the day a couple of years later.

Rainbow Six Patriots

Rainbow Six Siege is what became of Patriots, a game that was a single player first just like previous Rainbow Six games. While Siege is actually doing well for itself, fans of Rainbow Six would love for it to go back to its roots and be what this franchise is all about –  non-linear level design, multiple teams of operatives with varying statistics, planning each team’s path on a map, how fast you want them to move, when to throw grenades, when to snipe etc.