Yoko Taro’s Favorite Playstation 4 Games Shared In A New List

Yoko Taro’s favorite Playstation 4 games have been shared on a new list, which gives players a good number of quality titles to choose from if they’re looking for something new to play. Yoko Taro is the creator of the Nier series of games, which recently released the critically acclaimed Nier: Automata.

While Nier: Automata has been an extremely successful game both critically and commercially, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only game he’d want to play. Yoko Taro’s favorite Playstation 4 games are actually fairly diverse in genre and story, but they all fit one of two larger categories: the first, that they’re very pretty. The second, that they have great stories.

The games included on the list include Resogun, Final Fantasy 15, Horizon Zero Dawn, the Gravity Rush games, Life Is Strange, Danganronpa, and The Last Guardian.

Many of these games have only come out in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good; pretty much all of them have received either critical acclaim or very positive reviews, and like what was said further up in the article, all of them have either good visuals, or good story, or both.

Yoko Taro’s favorite Playstation 4 games having those qualities actually fits a lot with the Nier games itself. While the gameplay for the original Nier game was criticized for being rather clunky, the game’s story won critical acclaim. Nier: Automata was a nearly perfect balance between amazing combat gameplay (courtesy of Platinum Games) and amazing story (courtesy of Yoko Taro), which helps to explain why it got such rave reviews.

If any of these Playstation 4 games appeal to you (and you don’t already own them), take a look at Yoko Taro’s list and see what he likes about each game before you buy it. If you want to look at the list for yourself, you can find it here.