Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Will Make It “Xbox One X Enhanced”

One of the most-anticipated releases this year is the next Battlefront game, which debuted at the EA Play conference at E3. However, EA has recently said that a Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch will also be coming out for the game, allowing it to be “Xbox One X Enhanced”.

That patch will allow Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to run on the Xbox One X and also take advantage of the console’s new hardware, which has promised to be one of the most powerful consoles ever. Other EA published games such as Anthem, FIFA 18, Madden NFL, and more, are also getting similar patches to take advantage of the Xbox One X.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch isn’t going to be the only thing that’s new about the game; the E3 gameplay showed us a lot of new stuff about it, including new character classes, new heroes (in the forms of Darth Maul and Rey), new maps (the E3 gameplay took place in Theed, on Naboo), and new eras, such as the Clone Wars and the sequel trilogy.

The previous Battlefront game from DICE and EA got criticism for only having one era of the movies available, along with no space battles and very few planets (only four on launch). However, Star Wars Battlefront 2 seems to be everything that we wanted out of the first game, and more.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch will be able to make the game look even more appealing, especially to players that will be buying an Xbox One X when it comes out; the increased resolution and power of the Xbox One X brings up a lot of potential for better visuals and even, possibly, a better framerate.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be coming out on November 17 of this year, only a short time after the Xbox One X releases to the world on November 7.