Sign Of The Times Mafia 3 DLC Scheduled For A Late July Release, Involves Investigating A Cult

Hangar 13, the developers of Mafia 3 have finally released more information regarding the upcoming Sign of the Times Mafia 3 DLC.

As confirmed earlier in season pass details, Sign of the Times Mafia 3 DLC will be the third and final DLC for the game or at least in terms of main narrative content.

Players will once again take on the role of Lincoln Clay in Sign of the Times to investigate a bloodthirsty cult, which has gripped New Bordeaux. According to the developers, all the puzzle solving combined with the game of cat and mouse against the members of the cult will give the DLC a unique 1960s psychological feel.

Lincoln’s main task in Sign of the Times is to investigate the cult in order to save a woman, Anna, from their clutches and in doing so, dismantle the cult itself.

The Mafia 3 DLC will also be shaking up the gameplay formula in quite a significant way. Given its tone of mystery, players will be solving puzzles and looking for stray objects, examining bodies for clues and try to decipher strange writings.

Equipped with a blacklight, Lincoln will have access to the tools required to solve the mystery of the cult, Ensanglante.

Sign of the Times will also introduce a new slow-motion gunplay similar to that of the Max Payne series. Once triggered, players will enter a slow-motion mode and will have a few extra seconds to take down their enemies by carefully aligning headshots.

Sign of the Times Mafia 3 DLC will be launching on all platforms on 25th July. For those who have the season pass, the DLC will be free.

Despite its performance issues and lukewarm reception, the hype surrounding Mafia 3 was great enough to make the game into the fastest-selling title in the history of 2K Games, the publishers of the project.