PS4 Firmware Update 4.72 Bug Forces Users Into Appear Offline State

Yesterday Sony released its usual monthly PS4 firmware update, the new one being version 4.72. Like most monthly updates, the PS4 firmware version 4.72 focused on system stability but it seems like it did the exact opposite. Although there is no official confirmation from Sony regarding this issue, every user who reported the problem encountered it after upgrade to version 4.72 so it is safe to assume what the real culprit is in this situation.

Reports have been coming in and there is a whole thread on Reddit with PS4 users complaining about the Online status bug which seems to be affecting the users who have updated to firmware 4.72

The problem also seems to have a different impact on some users. For most of them, it seems to be just forcibly putting them in an Appear Offline state and they can still see their online friends and play games. However, for some users, the problem is more severe and the PS4 firmware update is preventing them from going online in the first place.

Considering that players need to update their PS4 firmware before they can go Online and after updating, it is possible that they will get affected by the firmware bug and not be able to go Online at all, some users are pretty much stuck between a rock and a hard place.

There have been multiple reports of users being able to fix the problem by restarting their PS4 consoles a number of times but the firmware bug is a bit more resilient than thought and in the case of a few users, the problem returns after a while. At this point in PS4’s life, all these monthly updates and subsequent firmware bug is getting a bit annoying and tiresome. It is getting rare to see Sony nail down a stability update with their very first try.

Thankfully the firmware update doesn’t have any new additions and features in it or the problem stemming from it could be much worse.