PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Patch Now Live, Fixes Plane Stutter At The Start Of The Match And More

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the hot thing in the gaming community and gamers are enjoying every bit of the game and it even managed to take CS GO’s place on Steam charts. Now the studio has rolled out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds week 16 patch for the test server that brings a lot of changes and fixes to the game.

This latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch brings improvements for the game’s UI performance along with optimized care package airplane. That is not all, as the patch also fixes the issue where the players had to press F to go through destroyed doors.

The patch also brings fixes for displays with 4:3 resolution, also players will not be able to shoot from the vehicle while being underwater and more. Check Out the full patch notes below.

Client performance

  • Optimised Care Package airplane
  • Improved UI performance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the starting airplane became immobile in sky at the very start of a round
  • Fixed inventory display issue on 4:3 resolution
  • You can always spectate your teammate’s screen in colour now
  • You can no longer fire weapons in a vehicle from underwater
  • Fixed an issue when you could not pick up mags from some areas of the lobby (starting island)
  • You no longer have to press the F key to pass through doors destroyed by grenades or Red Zone bombs
  • Fixed an issue whereby if you got knocked out while zooming in with a scope, you won’t be zooming in when revived
  • Fixed an issue when grenades were not available to throw periodically
  • Fixed an issue of armed weapon not getting displayed on HUD UI, when switching weapons with number keys while having inventory open

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer survival game currently in early access for PC and will launch for consoles later.