PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Pan Weapon Is So Powerful It Might As Well Be Considered Broken

By now, pretty much every PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player knows how useful the pan is, even if it isn’t used as a melee weapon. Where ballistic helmets and armor fail, the pan stops all incoming damage.

Despite firing a number of shots at it, the pan in Battlegrounds remains bulletproof and can protect players against incoming damage in a pinch, making it the ideal melee weapon to pick up and best piece of armor in the game.

However, now thanks to Doom49, we know exactly how overpowered the pan is and in case a player goes up against a large number of players, it can still be useful. Doom49 showed in a recent video of his that the pan is able to withstand fire from 49 other players, provided they all shoot at the pan of course and not to the side and actually hit the player.

Of course, in an actual match of Battlegrounds, the chances of a number of enemies lining up and all hitting only the pan are pretty much zero but this test just shows that while level 3 helmets and armor would fail in less than a second against 49 players, the pan does not.

While some may consider this to be a bug in the game, PlayerUnknown Brendan Greene himself has confirmed that it is indeed an intended feature and the pan will remain invincible. Since its launch on Steam as an Early Access title, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been taking the world by storm.

While it is in no way a perfect game, it’s addictive nature and sheer fun of a 100 player battle royale match keeps players hooked and the game even managed to surpass CS: GO in terms of concurrent player count.

Originally created as a mod for Arma 3, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is expected to release by the end of this year. Console versions of the game are also planned.