Overwatch Fan Creates an Official Hanzo Church in Brazil

Just like everything Blizzard touches, Overwatch is also a gaming phenomenon right now with an ever-growing and dedicated fanbase. Given the Overwatch’s diverse roster, it is understandable that some players tend to gravitate towards certain characters, cosplay as them and in the case of one Brazilian fan, even build a church.

Mateus Mognon loves the Overwatch archer Hanzo Shimada so much that he strived and successfully managed to register a church for Hanzo in the country. While his actual aim was to demonstrate how easy it is to start a religion in Brazil and thus be exempt from taxes, the fact that he chose Hanzo instead of some other character like Lucio, who actually hails from Brazil, to be the symbol of his church could be an indicator of his dedication.

All Mateus needed in this case was an address where the church would be, five other people, a lawyer’s signature, a written statute and some fees after which he got himself a registered Overwatch Church by the name of “Igreja Nacionais De Hanzo”

Taking further jabs at how easily the system can be exploited, Mateus put forth some interesting regulations regarding his Overwatch Hanzo church. The Church of Hanzo requests Tuesdays off for “religious studies” and the use of the term “Hanzo Main” is also banned. To join the church and be baptized, interested people just have to play one Overwatch match. Those who are unable to can simply play a match of Paladins given the similarities of both games.

Mateus has published a memoir where he explains the reasoning behind his decision to start a Hanzo church and go through all the trouble, or lack thereof, and why he decided to make Hanzo as the symbol of his Church.

Overwatch, Blizzard’s first foray into first person shooters, released last year and was an instant smash hit in the eyes of both critics and consumers. The game currently boasts a player base of over 30 million across all platforms. Its popularity has also spawned Overwatch’s very own eSports Overwatch League which already has two confirmed teams, Immortals and NRG Esports.