New WWE 2K18 Trailer Features Kurt Angle, Showing Off His Presence

A new WWE 2K18 trailer was shown off during last night’s episode of WWE Raw, showing off Kurt Angle and advertising that he would be returning to the virtual wrestling scene as a counterpart to the game’s other chief advertiser, Seth Rollins. The trailer is a narrative continuation of Rollins’s own trailer.

In Rollins’s trailer, which came out back in June, he went to the WWE Archives, and utterly destroyed them. Kurt Angle’s own trailer appears to be a continuation of the long-standing rivalry between them, as a decade ago Angle beat Rollins in a wrestling match. The WWE 2K18 trailer that was released last night seems to be billing itself as one of the wrestling storylines that the WWE is so fond of.

Kurt Angle has also not been in a WWE game since the Smackdown Vs Raw games, most “recently” the 2007 Smackdown vs Raw game. With that in mind, hopefully Angle’s return to WWE wrestling games will be a triumphant one.

We’ll likely be getting more trailers showing the two different wrestlers as the game gets closer and closer to release, but in the meantime we don’t really know much about the game itself aside from a few nebulous details that have been leaked out.

The WWE 2K series is one of the longer-running wrestling game franchises, and often sells very well when released (even though some of the later installments have gotten more lukewarm reviews than previous games). However, we’ll be dealing with a huge variety of famous WWE wrestlers as we always do, possibly even more than we normally do in a game.

While we don’t know when the next WWE 2K18 trailer comes out (if one does come out) we’ll be seeing the game on October 17 of this year, and the game will be released on the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.