GTA Online Offers Discounts On Executive Offices This Week As Well As Adding A New Vehicle

Rockstar Games has released a new list of GTA Online bonuses and discounts for this week alongside new game modes and a vehicle. This week’s GTA Online discounts focus on the Executive DLC with savings up to 40% on executive offices for those who are interested in becoming the CEO of a criminal empire.

  • Maze Bank West — 25% off
  • Arcadius Business Center — 30% off
  • Lombank West — 35% off
  • Maze Bank Tower — 40% off
  • Executive Office Garages & Custom Auto Shop — 25% off
  • Executive Office Garage Renovations — 25% off
  • Custom Auto Shop Renovations — 25% off

The update this week will also add in the Grotti Cheetah Classic vehicle to the game and will be available at Legendary Motorsport store. Alongside the vehicle and discounts, GTA Online is also getting a new vehicle based game mode in the form of Overtime Rumble. Players will be divided into teams and they will be playing a game of Darts with cars.

The objective of the game mode is simple, instead of throwing actual darts, players will be using a Ruiner 2000 and launch it through the air and try to land on various platforms. The game mode will reward players with double GTA currency and RP until 17th July.

The final two new changes in GTA Online this week is the new premium race, Big Drop and a new Time Trial, Up Chiliad. Both of these will also offer double cash and RP till 17th July. Despite its numerous issues like loading times, bugs and hacks which still haven’t been fixed, GTA Online still remains highly popular on all platforms and is always among the top 10 played games on Steam.

A recent controversy regarding the ban on OpenIV modding tool might have threatened that player base, at least on PC, but the issue was resolved fairly quickly.

Two years after the game’s release on PC, the last platform on which the game was launched, Rockstar’s dedication to the game and delivering free new content at regular intervals is commendable and the community reciprocates that with not only continuing to play the game but also taking the time out to figure out the mysteries of the world.