Bungie Devs Talk About Destiny 2 Story, Takes Place In A “Lightless World”

Bungie narrative developers Matthew Ward and Jason Harris sat down with IGN today to discuss the Destiny 2 story, and how things will be different in the game’s world now that it’s “lightless”. In Destiny 2’s story, the Traveler’s power, and so the Guardians’ Light, have been suppressed by the Cabal.

The culprit of this is the Cabal’s Red Legion army, led by the warlord Ghaul, who believes that he should possess the Traveler and its power instead of humanity. He attacks the Last City, destroys the Tower (and all of our stuff) and captures the Traveler, leaving Guardians without their powers as they attempt to find a way to drive the Cabal out of the city.

The player, as their Guardian, will have to explore out into the Solar System, not only recovering their powers but also finding the three Vanguard commanders, who disappeared when the City fell.

The original Destiny’s story was one of its most criticized parts, as it was extremely decentralized and we didn’t have any real idea of what was going on as we went from threat to threat and planet to planet. In the Destiny 2 story, we now have a central antagonist, and a central goal.

However, the story will also go somewhat deeper, going into what a Guardian’s role is, and what it means to be a hero. For the entirety of the original Destiny, a Guardian has been defined as being chosen by the Traveler, using the Traveler’s Light in order to keep humanity safe. And, as the three Vanguard commanders have to find out as well, without the Light, are you even a Guardian anymore?

Hopefully the Destiny 2 story, and the game itself, all lead up to the hype that Bungie is doing its best to generate after the lackluster debut of the original Destiny. Destiny will be releasing for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6, while the PC version will be coming on October 24. To see the IGN interview, look further up the article.