Ubisoft Releasing Half Way Point Operation Health Update 2.1.1 for Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Health for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege continues with the company preparing to release a new patch today in the form of Title Update 2.1.1 on all platforms.

Besides the number of fixes expected from the patch as part of Operation Health, Title Update 2.1.1 also brings with it the highly awaited feature, Alpha Packs. As Ubisoft had mentioned earlier, Alpha Packs will serve as a way for players to earn free cosmetic items.

Similar to games like Overwatch, players will be able to open up Alpha Packs for a chance to get loot ranging from Common tier items to some Legendary ones which will be exclusive to the Alpha Packs. In order to make sure Alpha Packs don’t break the game, Ubisoft will be releasing them in waves so they will not be available in-game as soon as the patch is released.

On the fixes side, Title Update 2.1.1 is a somewhat small one considering it comes between the major patch 2.1 and 2.2. This Operation Health mainly focuses on fixing Hibana, the SAT attack operation whose X-Kairos pellets have been a source of frustration for quite a while.

The update will address all the issues with the X-Kairos pellets and the launcher. According to Ubisoft, the bug where the pellets sometimes don’t explode despite not being jammed should be fixed.

Alongside this, the lingering visual effects of the pellet after detonation should also be fixed now and pellets will disappear after serving their purpose.

In order to further counter spawn killing, Ubisoft is continuing to work on the Kanal map. After the backlash from the community regarding the window which was closed off in the previous update, Ubisoft is now adding new cover to the spawn area and will be reopening the window.

Despite all the game’s issues, Rainbow Six Siege remains a highly popular game even during its second year of release, which is surprising for a Ubisoft multiplayer title.

There is currently no date on the launch of the next major Title Update 2.2.2 but according to community manager, it should be a significant one and will address hit registration as well as add new servers.