New Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Gameplay Footage Shows Story, Roster and Infinity Stones

A new 26-minute gameplay video of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has surfaced showcasing a lot of content from the game including the story mode.

The video, courtesy of PlayStation Underground, gives us a new look at some of the character pairings we will see during the game’s story mode. These include the previous seen Megaman and Captain America duo as well as Captain Marvel and Chun-Li.

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay footage also gives a new look at some of the stages players will be fighting on during the game. A lot of these stages are a hybrid between the locations from both the Marvel and Capcom universes. One example is XGARD, a mix of Abel City and Asgard.

The game’s versus mode was also showcased, giving a look at the menu as well as the initial 21 characters which will be available to play at launch.

The DLC characters such as the previously mentioned Venom don’t seem to be in this specific build of the game yet or were purposely hidden.

Speaking of DLC characters, there have been rumors that the game will get multiple character packs in the first year which should expand the roster considerably. There is no official confirmation regarding this so no word on pricing either.

Pre-orders for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are open with the game set to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19th September.

Following up on the E3 controversy regarding the character faces, Capcom has assured that the “horrible” faces will be fixed before launch. However, we have heard such claims before, recently in the case of Mass Effect Andromeda.

As is expected of most multiplayer games, especially fighting games, people are hoping for a meaningful competitive experience in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Capcom, however, is confident that the game has enough depth to have a solid eSports future.