Aorus ATC 700 CPU Cooler Has A Jaw Dropping Design And LED Lighting

Gigabyte has been making strides in the PC market and we have seen some new graphics cards and motherboards in the market as well. The Aorus lineup has been doing very well and we have seen some premium products from the company. Here we have the Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler that has a black and orange design and looks very cool.

This is one of those things that enthusiasts look for when building a custom build. If you have a side panel and like to show off what you have inside then the Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler that you should consider buying in order to make the most out of your build. The Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler has 3 pipes which should be plenty for cooling your CPU.

You can have two fans in a push-pull configuration. On the top, you have an illuminated Aorus logo that looks very neat especially if the rest of your hardware is from Gigabyte as well. The RGB Fusion software can be used in order to customize the logo. The included fans spin at 500 to 1,700 RPM. The noise levels are between 12 to 31 dBA.

Aorus ATC 700 CPU Cooler

The samples have just been sent to users and we will let you know how well this cooler performs. If it does perform as well as it looks then it will be a great cooler and I do not see why someone would buy something else when the Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler is so aesthetically pleasing. The cooler supports AM4, LGA2066, LGA2011(v3), AM3(+), FM2(+), LGA115x, LGA1366, and LGA775.

We will update you regarding the price of the Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler and whether or not you should buy it.

Till then, let us know what you think about the Aorus ATC 700 CPU cooler and which cooler you are using as of right now.