Wild West Online Gameplay Gives Us A Detailed Look At The Game’s Mechanics

Wild West Online was revealed amidst the rumors of a leaked image being claimed of Rockstar’s upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Since the reveal of the game, not much was reveal by the developers and now the studio has given us the first look at Wild West Online gameplay.

The studio has released a new Wild West Online gameplay trailer detailing the game, its environments, gameplay mechanics, combat and more. While not everything in the footage looks great but, bear in mind that it is an unfinished game.

Wild West Online has some of the deepest gameplay mechanics in games and one of them is the proper bullet ballistics which the developer itself compared it to Battlefield 1’s bullet ballistics systems. According to 612 Games, Wild West Online weapon mechanics are going to be similar to Battlefield 1’s.

All weapons have proper bullets ballistics, so it actually takes some time for the bullet to reach the target, so you have to plan for the bullet flight time as well as drop. Wind or weather will not alter bullet flight though. Think that we are more like Battlefield 1, and not like CSGO/COD.

While the game is currently multiplayer only but, that does not mean the studio has ruled out the singleplayer campaign. According to Stephan Bugaj of 612, the inclusion of a single player campaign depends on how well the title is received.

Wild West Online is releasing later this year and developers will host a beta this Summer on PC. There are no plans for a console version for the time being.