Spider-Man PS4 Is Several Times Larger Than Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games is currently working on the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man and since the gameplay reveal of the game, gamers are excited about it. Open-world games have taken the front-line in the current generation of console and Spider-Man PS4 is also an open-world title and the devs have revealed the how big it is.

While replying to a fan on Twitter who asked about how much big the Spider-Man PS4 is compared to The Witcher 3, Insomniac Games revealed that while they can’t make any specific comparison but, the did mention that Spider-Man’s game world is “several times larger” than Sunset Overdrive’s Sunset City.

Recently, Marvel explained the influence Batman Arkham games had on the upcoming Spider-Man title. Mike Jones, executive producer and vice president of Marvel Games, talked about Spider-Man PS4 and also hinted towards the influence of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series on the upcoming Spider-Man PS4.

He revealed that he himself is a fan of Batman Arkham franchise and these games have inspired Spider-Man in terms of gameplay and characters.

The Arkham games…inspired us to lean into our characters and trust that nailing the uniqueness of each character experience is really what’s going to make the gameplay compelling.

Also, Insomniac Games has revealed that the upcoming PlayStation 4 game will not be an origin story. Peter Parker will be 23 years old in the game and has been fighting crime in the game for 8 years.

Spider-Man PS4 is an open-world action adventure game in development at Insomniac Games exclusively for PlayStation 4.