Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version Gameplay Shows the Fight With Nakarkos

Thanks to a recent Capcom livestream, we now have a new look at the upcoming Monster Hunter XX Switch version, simply titled Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.

Although the game is already available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS, those hoping to get it on Nintendo Switch should find this gameplay video very useful to see what the game is all about as well its pros and cons.

The gameplay of Monster Hunter XX Switch version shows players fighting against the squid-like elder dragon Nakarkos, first introduced during Monster Hunter Generations.

Besides this livestream, Capcom also had a playable demo of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch version during a recent event in Tokyo as well as the Japan Expo in Paris.

Unfortunately, both of these playable demos were for the Japanese version of the game and it seems like the game will not be making an appearance in the Western markets.

Capcom has repeatedly said they have nothing to announce about a western localized release of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch version suggesting the game might not get an English release at all. Even if it does, fans might have to wait at least a year.

There are also reports that the demo, which was on the show floor, will soon be available to download and test from the Nintendo eShop.

The game itself is scheduled to launch on 25th August in Japan.

Despite not being in English, Monster Hunter fans in the west can still enjoy the franchise through the upcoming Monster Hunter World, which will be releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One although the Japanese market will only get the PS4 version of the game.

Monster Hunter world will also feature four-player online co-op in much bigger worlds, allowing cross-region play as well. Because of the complex nature of the game world, it will not be releasing on handhelds.