Monkey Rope Tips and Strategies Guide – Learning the Controls, Staying Alive, High Score Tips

Monkey Rope Tips and Strategies Guide to help clear all levels and understanding game mechanics. This guide will help you how to master the game controls, get the highest score and staying alive by escaping monsters and other threats.

Monkey Rope Tips and Strategies Guide

This guide details everything you need to know about Monkey Rope and will tell you tips, tricks, and strategies to master the game.

Monkey Rope Tips and Strategies

Mastering the Controls

The main aim of this endless runner is to take your two monkeys as far as possible by tilting the rope in between them and avoiding different obstacles along the way. This tilting is done by pressing the left and the right side of the screen. It is a combination of forwards and backward directions.

This makes the movement very unpredictable and it is something that you must master as soon as you progress through the game a bit, as it will be very troublesome later.

As there are no independent controls for tilting the monkeys up or down, these movements are achieved by pressing the left side of the screen or the right side of the screen. You need to press each side for a certain amount of time to tilt accordingly.

To make long horizontal jumps you need the press the left side of a long frontal jump or the right side for a horizontal long jump. There are some weird physics in the movement controls such as you will not be able to perform a long horizontal jump right after a frontal jump while in the air. These things can only be known to you if you master the controls.

Another important aspect that you must know about the movement is that you should know when to jump and when to hold back a jump. Each stage has its own way of playing and difficulty curve. As you progress through the game you will find out that the later stages will require more advanced movement tactics and you need to learn them before you reach those stages. If you develop your skill to correctly judge the jump height and length, you will have no problem traversing the stages no matter how hard they are.

Getting the Highest Score

Since the main purpose of endless runners is the high scores, this game is no different. However, what is unique about this game is that you can perform different sorts of jumps and aerobics which will increase your multiplier and will ensure that you keep at the top of those scoreboards.

You can perform different sorts of jumps such as front horizontal jump, the back jump or the front swinging jump. These jumps will give your normal score but the real deal is the score multiplier. It increases after every jump or aerobics that you perform while in the air. While in the air, try to calculate the distance and then perform aerobics and jumps when you jump off a cliff to make the most of them.

Best to perform them when you are near to the ground so that you know when to nail that perfect landing and not make them unstable or cause them to roll as it breaks the multiplier. At the start you can avoid advanced aerobics as the normal jumps when chained together will also give you a big score multiplier.

You can chain multiple jumps together to have the biggest multiplier ever. While you in the air you will enter airtime and this causes the multiplier to raise at a great speed by giving it a boost. The longer you remain in the air; greater will be your multiplier when you land back on the ground. If you stay in the air for a really long time, it turns to ‘big air’ giving you even higher scores.

Since this game is an endless runner, you can play each stage as much as you can. Practice each stage a lot and eventually, you will learn all about the terrain, jumps, and monsters of the stage. This will help you get better scores. It will also help with the difficulty curve in later stages as you will become better at the stage with each try.

Another thing you can do in Monkey Rope to increase your high scores is that you can collect coins, which are present throughout the stage. These coins increase in denominations as you progress in the stage. They start at very low value and go up until 5000. However, it will be very few times that you actually manage to get that far in a stage that you get high-value coins.

Therefore, it is best that you do not entirely depend on the coins for a high score and keep a balance between jumps, aerobics, and coins when you play a stage as only a good balance between all three will lead you to the top spot of the scoreboard.

Playing it Safe

Monkey Rope has its own fair share of bad guys and ditches that only add to the challenging gameplay of the game. You will face three main obstacles in the game. The first are the ditches. These are the gaps between safe land and the firm ground. If your monkeys fall down, they will die and you will end your run.

The best way to avoid these ditches are careful and calibrated jumps. Press any side when your monkey reaches the end of the cliff to initiate a jump and always calculate how much you need to press to successfully land the jump. If one of your monkeys fall in the ditch, the game gives you a chance to recover by allowing you to jump to the safe side with the other monkey. If you somehow fail and just see the falling monkey go down the ditch, the other monkey will also fall down and they both will die.

Dealing will the troublesome ditches is not the only hardest part as you will also face crocodiles and flaming turtles in the game. Turtles are on cliffs while the crocodiles are found in the water ditches. Crocodiles move only vertically so they give you a chance of stopping and observing their movement before making a push. However if for some reason, your timing is off, one of your monkeys might be eaten by the crocodile.

The flaming turtle, on the other hand, is very challenging to handle as they spit out red balls of fire every now and then. They are located on the cliffs so you need to use the small window after each ball they fire to make the swing. The good thing about these turtles is that they cannot turn. If you get on their opposite side, you are safe.

This concludes our Monkey Rope Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!