Mass Effect Andromeda Denuvo Removed With the Latest Patch, What it Means for Denuvo?

Mass Effect Andromeda Denuvo anti-temper was removed in the latest update. The developer decided to end its ties with former most powerful anti-temper technology. Mass Effect Andromeda released earlier this year and while it was criticized for its laughable animations, it at least had one thing going for it, keeping piracy at a distance.

Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.09 put an end to Denuvo, a software that has been at the center of controversy in recent times. Claiming to be an anti-temper software, itself was using a third party’s pirated software as a base to stand on.

A software named VMProtect that works in a similar manner. This company makes tools that help against reverse engineering and cracking. According to some reports, Denuvo wanted to use VMProtect in their tools but this was declined by VMProtect.

The standard $500 license would not have been suitable here as it would cost Denuvo a fortune to make something similar from scratch. Denuvo bought a cheap license and went on to get to develop its own software using VMProtect.

In addition to Mass Effect, Square Enix also removed the tech from its game, Hitman. It doesn’t end here, Tequila Works axed Denuvo from RIME.

On the other hand, hackers are gunning for Denuvo and successfully released a working keygen a few weeks ago. The situation led to concerns from a number of publishers and it is safe to say that Denuvo’s¬†glory days were short-lived. It is unlikely that big publisher or even smaller ones would put Denuvo as their first priority as anti-tamper.

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