Guy Who Lost Xbox Gamerscore Because of “Sex” Retains His Title

Stallion 83 lost his Xbox gamerscore to another Xbox player recently. The world record holder for the largest gamerscore was a title held by Stallion 83 but his recent marriage diverted his focus.Raymond “Stallion83” Cox was the man to be when it comes to having a high gamerscore. Raymond had the highest gamerscore in the world with a score of 1,585,894.

However, Stallion 83 has retained his title and now once again has the highest gamerscore. Xbox Gamer Stephen “smrnov” Rowe surpassed his score when he reached 1,592,280 and is the current world record holder. Stallion 83’s gamerscore now stands at 1,600,175 compared to Smrnov’s 1,597,907.

After announcing why he lost his score, Cox announced that he now aims to reach 2 million after his honeymoon. It looks like his honeymoon came to an end as he is back in front of his Xbox. Now that he is on top, he went back to having “sex.”

The gap between Raymond and Stephen is narrow so the later may try to regain his newly lost title. Stephen hasn’t share any comments regarding Cox coming back on top.