EK Liquid Cooling Kits Confirmed To Be Compatible With Intel Socket LGA 2066

It has been confirmed that EK liquid cooling kits will be compatible with Skylake-X as well as Kaby lake-X, which use Intel socket LGA 2066. This means that X299 motherboard will work just fine with EK liquid cooling kits. It is interesting to see that the company has issued a press release.

This is interesting because the mounting system has not been changed as compared to LGA 2011 so there was no need for a press release. But here we are anyways. Any EK liquid cooling kits that work with Socket LGA 2011 and LGA 2011-3 will work with LGA 2066 as well.

If you are interested in the details then the following are the EK liquid cooling kits that will work with LGA 2066:

  • EK-KIT S (any variant)
  • EK-KIT L (any revision; any variant)
  • EK-KIT G (any variant)
  • EK-KIT P (any variant)
  • EK-KIT X (any variant)

The following are the gaming cooling kits that are officially supported:


Note that EK-XLC Predator units are also compatible with Intel socket 2066. Although the new X299 platform is great from Intel standards and the company is offering more cores and threads, it does seem that Intel is in a rush in order to compete with AMD in the CPU market.

One can say that Intel socket 2066 CPUs are a response to AMD Ryzen with more cores and more threads. Intel will also be introducing 6 core CPUs to the mainstream CPU lineup and word has it that the i3 CPUs will have 4 cores without hyperthreading. While the i5 CPUs will have 4 cores and 4 threads. This should be interesting.

Let us know how you feel about EK liquid cooling kits being compatible with the new socket 2066 and whether or not you are thinking about moving to the X299 platform.