DayZ Creator Dean Hall Doesn’t Seem To Be Happy With Ark Survival Evolved Launch Price

Ahead of the game’s full launch on August 8th, Studio Wildcard increased the price of Ark Survival Evolved to $60 and this decision didn’t sit well with some people.

Besides the outcry from the general gaming community over a price increase of $30 from the Early Access cost, one other notable individual who expressed his disgust at the price change was Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ.

During his Twitter rant session, Dean Hall called this price hike as outrageous and simply greedy. According to Dean Hall, Ark Survival Evolved is nowhere near ready to be released as a full priced game considering all the bugs it has.

While some of the points regarding the price of the game Dean raised are quite valid, especially Studio Wildcard charging AAA price for a game which isn’t in a state that is expected from AAA games.

However, Dean’s word carries little weight around the gaming circuits nowadays, especially when it comes to development and pricing of Early Access titles. After all, his own creation, DayZ has been in Steam Early Access for 4 years now.

On top of an incredibly long development with little to show for it, there is also no word on the console versions of DayZ while Ark Survival Evolved is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously.

While Dean Hall may no longer be working at Bohemia Interactive on the development of DayZ since he left the company back in 2014, some of the roots of this Early Access curse plaguing the game industry right now can be traced back to his brainchild, which some people were quick to remind him of.

It is also hypocritical of him to bash Ark Survival Evolved for a price hike when DayZ’s steam page itself mentioned from launch day that the game’s price will increase at launch and is expected to be at least $50.

In fact, pretty much every Early Access Steam game has that warning, giving players access to the game at a lower price but at the cost of taking feedback from them regarding development.

On top of that, despite selling more than 3 million units of DayZ, the game doesn’t seem to be releasing anytime soon. Despite being planned for a 2016 release, DayZ only just recently entered its beta stage.