Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide – Fast and Efficient Creds Farming Tips

Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about efficiently farming Creds in the game for all your in-game buying needs.

Our Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide will tell you tips and tricks to get more creds in Lawbreakers. Creds is the main currency in the game and it is used to purchase more stickers, weapon skins, character skins and kick decals. This article will help you get some easy Creds as customization is an important part of this game and you will need more and more Creds as you unlock more stuff to purchase.

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Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide

In our Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide, we’ve detailed some of the tips that will help you farm some easy Creds in the game without putting in a whole lot of effort.

Lawbreakers Creds Farming Tips

How to Get More Creds in Lawbreakers

Most of the current modern shooters offer regular loot drops to players as an incentive to play daily. LawBreakers is no different, it also offers loot boxes or in this game called as Stash Drops. You earn these Stash Drops whenever you level up or unlock achievements. When you open these Stash Drops, you will receive a small set of different items. Some stash drops will also grant you with Creds drop but that is a rare chance.

During opening stash drops, you will often find items or skins that you already own. If you get a duplicate item, you will get a few creds depending on the item. It also helps because it helps you the hassle of getting rid of the duplicate items in your inventory.

Opening Stash Drops

You can open your Stash Drops when you receive them. Simply go to the main menu and click on the button that opens the Stash Drops menu. You must be out of any active lobbies, if you in any active lobby, you will not be able to open your Stash Drops. Exit all active lobbies and then open Stash Drops.

This is currently all we’ve in our Lawbreakers Creds Farming Guide. Do note that the guide is currently a work in progress and we’ll continue to add more farming tips and days to come.