Lawbreakers Blitzball Guide – How to Win, Score More, Tips and Strategies

Lawbreakers Blitzball Tips Guide will help you get started with the fast-paced game mode Blitzball is Lawbreakers. Considering the fact that Lawbreakers is already a very fast-paced game, Blitzball is bonkers. This guide will give you tips on how to win in Blitzball. It is important that you play other modes first and get the hang of the game mechanics before jumping in Blitzball.

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Lawbreakers Blitzball Tips Guide

In our Lawbreakers Blitzball Tips Guide, we have detailed tips and tricks that will help you win in Blitzball.

Lawbreakers Blitzball Tips and Strategies

Control the Map

Your sole focus in the game should not be just getting the ball and returning it to the enemy’s base, rather win at Blitzball you must try to control the map with your team. 1 player of your team must try to get the ball while other members hold the most important choke points and try to hold off the enemies. This will give the ball carrier a good chance of delivering the ball to the enemy’s base.

Learning where to hold the map will require a good team and even better coordination between the team members. The best places to hold off the enemies are the entry and exit points of your enemy team’s base. This is useful is smaller maps but not that easy is larger maps. For larger maps, your best bet is to keep on moving between choke points and learning to multitask. These two techniques will help greatly in maintaining good map control.

Never Rush the Ball

Another great strategy of Blitzball is never rush to get the ball. You might have noticed that as soon as the ball spawns, most of the players, enemies and team players rush towards the ball in order to get it only to die from the swarm of bullets flying towards the ball as well. You should always wait for the enemy to make a move and when he gets the ball, hunt him down and retrieve the ball.

This makes it very less predictable where the ball will drop hence few players are usually around that area. This gives you and your team a big edge to take control of the situation. You can also try to make your enemy retreat towards their own base and then kill them to get the ball, as the ball would be already near their base.

Time your Initial Approach Right

Like in other game modes such as Capture the Flag, you cannot capture the ball as soon as it spawns. It will have a shield around it and everyone will need to wait for the shield to finish before they take the ball. During this time, everyone will be in the area and will be an easy target for the enemy.

You must time this right when you plan to go and get the ball. Always go in with full health and as soon as you pick the ball, you will be revealed to the entire enemy team.

You can have someone on your team use the Medic’s Q ability which drops a massive shield around the team players. This will help you and your teams members avoid taking any sort of damage for a limited time. You can release health drones in this time, which will help your team to stay alive.

Be Agile to Score Quickly

During Blitzball, you will need to bring out every bit of fast inside you as this game mode is blazing fast. Never hold back, once you get the ball always run towards the enemy base. Use shortcuts and avoid confronting the enemy as soon as you can. Play as a team, let you teammates protect you. Use your special abilities to move quickly if you want to avoid enemies quickly. If you drop the ball, your enemy will try its best to get the ball before your team does.

Give this mode some practice time to ace it. It is a little difficult at the start, however; with enough practice, you will own the enemy in no time.

This concludes our Lawbreakers Blitzball Tips Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!