Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide – Find the Perfect Role for Your Playstyle

Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide to help new players get started with the best roles in LawBreakers. LawBreakers has many roles with unique abilities and characteristics so it can be a little overwhelming for new players.

If you are new to the game and have no idea which role to start the game. In this Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide, we have mentioned two of the easiest of roles that you can use as a beginner!

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Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide

One thing you keep in mind is that unlike other FPS games, LawBreakers has roles instead of classes. It might confuse you at the start but each role is similar to what other FPS games call classes. It should not take you a long time to get used to these roles with the help of this guide.

In our Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about some of the best starting roles that you can use in the game.

Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles

Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles – Enforcer

Enforcers are like the basic classes in every FPS games. It features an ability close to sprinting, an assault rifle, and an EMP grenade. This is your basic run and gun role in LawBreakers. Although this role is easiest to master and the basic role in LawBreakers, it can still deal massive damage to your enemies if you become good at it.

Enforcer’s main gun is an assault rifle called The Aerator. It is a very good rifle with a stable and decent rate of fire and offers good offensive power for medium to long-range engagements. This lacks short-range punch so if you engage an enemy in short range you must switch to Badger.

Badger is good for short-range maps and close quarters; it also releases an electroshock whenever the enemies attack you. It does not mean that the assault rifle is useless in short-range but it may be overpowered by SMGs, which are much more suited for short-range encounters.

Enforcer’s movement ability is called Distortion field, which gives you great movement speed. This allows you to move around with ease even in the zero gravity areas. Enforcer’s Ultimate is a volley of four Bloodhound rockets, which he fires at a target, which you choose.

Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles – Vanguard

The easiest role if LawBreakers is probably the Vanguard. It has a massive minigun, has great mobility thanks to Afterburners, an insane amount of damage, and a weirdly very good aiming accuracy. The best strategy with Vanguard is to stick with air, which is very easy considering that Vanguard is equipped with Afterburners. This allows a very high rate of mobility allowing Vanguard to fly over the map and zoom around enemies dealing a lot of damage with the minigun.

The Vanguard’s ultimate is Starfall, which causes the character to hurl towards the ground near the enemy. This causes loads of damage to the nearby enemies and has an area effect. Good for crowd control. You can also use this ability in zero gravity areas to navigate around easily and with accuracy.

The only drawback with all this damage dealing is that Vanguard has a very low HP pool with only 300HP. So you must be on the move always and deal damage while avoiding being shot at. Be on the move always and you should be fine. If you want some additional tips on playing the role, you can check out our Vanguard Guide attached above.

This concludes our Lawbreakers Best Starting Roles Guide. If you want to add anything, feel free to use the comment section below!