GameSessions Handing Out Free Copy Of Ryse: Son of Rome To PC Users

The website GameSessions is offering a free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome to PC users for the next 30 days, as part of its GameSessions Giveaways program. Ryse: Son of Rome was a launch title for the Xbox One developed by Crytek, and was released on PC back in 2014.

Ryse: Son of Rome takes place back in the time of the Roman Empire and tells the story of Marius Titus, a Roman soldier who seeks revenge after his family is murdered by barbarians. This incident sends Marius to the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire and into a game of chess between the gods as he defends Rome from invasion from without and corruption from within.

The game was praised for its story, voice acting, and visual quality, but also got criticism for its monotonous gameplay and its multiplayer mode, which was essentially just an arena mode where players take on the role of gladiators in the Roman Colosseum and kill waves of barbarians.

The free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome being given out by GameSessions is in recognition of graphics presentation, and there’s likely no better benchmark studio for good graphics than Crytek. Crytek is the developer of the Crysis series, which has won constant praise for its beautiful graphics despite the high-powered computer that is required to run it.

GameSessions as a whole is an internet gaming service that allows people to play games through free trials before buying them, allowing players to save money if it turns out that they don’t like the game. Buying the game then allows players to download it onto their Steam account with no loss of progress.

So, if you want to get a free copy of Ryse: Son of Rome for your PC, make sure that you can run it first and then head on over to the GameSessions website to grab it yourself.