Yes, Even You Can Trigger Battlefield 1 Megalodon Easter Egg, Here’s How

Each Battlefield game features a lengthy Easter egg for the players to find and last year’s Battlefield 1 is no different. It comes with an Easter Egg called Megalodon that brings a giant shark to the game. There are some easy steps to trigger Battlefield 1 Megalodon Easter egg, even you can trigger it yourself without watching YouTubers trigger it for you, what’s the fun in that?

Here’s a step by step DIY explanation to unlock Megalodon Easter egg.

There are Vinyl records scattered around the Fort de Vaux map in Battlefield 1. You need to collect these records and bring to a gramophone to play. The gramophone is inside the fort on a table next to some books. You need to play a record labeled “we’re going to need a bigger moat” and decrypt the message. However, we have you covered so you do not need to waste time wrapping your head around it.

So you are here for the secret that lies below Vaux. Make sure you are ready for this journey. Do not think it will be easy, and do not expect any reward. All you will find is death. A hint; that is all I have for you, so listen closely: the men that lived here knew its secrets. Search where they rested when they did not work.

Since you already know the message this step is not really necessary anymore but you can still go trough with it just for the sake of it.

Now for the next part, there are also some red valves scattered throughout the Fort de Vaux map. Locate the valves and turn them. There are three in total, one is at the rubble section of the map, one is at A where the ground can be destroyed, and the last one is in a corridor between D and E.

Turning all Valves will fill water in a hole near C.

The last part is a little tricky as you need to kill players with melee attacks while they are standing in the hole. This will make water go red with blood and attract Megalodon shark. Kill enough players and she will come.

You can use these steps to unlock the easter egg on all three platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.