Xbox Gamerscore World Record Holder Losses Score for Sex

Xbox Gamerscore is something that you earn by playing games and a high gamerscore is something to be extremely proud of if you are a gamer. There are millions of people with impressive high Xbox gamerscores but former world record holder Raymond “Stallion83” Cox was the man to be when it comes to having a high gamerscore.

Raymond had the highest gamerscore in the world with a score of 1,585,894. Not just the community but Microsoft was also impressed by his dedication to Xbox so he was awarded Xbox One Live Gold lifetime membership when he got over one million Gamerscore.

But that is not the case anymore as he is no longer the highest score holder in the world. Xbox Gamer Stephen “smrnov” Rowe surpassed his score when he reached 1,592,280 and is the current world record holder. The news of losing his gamerscore didn’t really bother Raymond, you may wonder why? Well, he lost his Xbox gamerscore for a very understandable reason, he got married.

The community wondered what was going on with Raymond and why he wasn’t as dedicated to his gamerscore anymore. He took to Twitter and told the world that he is now more focused on sex. Yes, sex! Probably the best reason for a gamer to lay off for a while.

Cox isn’t giving up and he is now looking to reach 2 million gamerscore once he is done with his honeymoon. We hope Raymond’s player 2 helps him reach his goal of retaining his title.