Wolfenstein 2 Videos Show Dream Version of Nazi-Occupied America

One of the things fans of Bethesda may remember from the Bethesda E3 conference is that, after announcing Wolfestein 2: The New Colossus, Bethesda had one of what turns out to be many Wolfenstein 2 videos. In this case the video was a Lassie parody, which featured a Nazi Panzerhund portraying “Liesel”.

This is merely one of the many pieces of Nazi propaganda that players will be seeing in The New Colossus, which takes you out of Nazi Germany and into Nazi America, where organizations like the Ku Klux Klan wander openly among the populace intimidating non-whites and others. Films like Liesel are now part of the culture as the Nazis German-ize the United States.

There was a lot of other worldbuilding in Wolfenstein: The New Order, ranging from a German version of the Beatles to the Nazis landing on the Moon (with plans to colonize further into space). These new Wolfenstein 2 videos are another part of that, showing how the world looks after 20 years of rule by the Nazis, who won World War 2 through the use of advanced technology stolen from the Jewish Da’at Yichud sect.

While we haven’t seen very much of Wolfenstein 2, hopefully it will be just as good as Wolfenstein: The New Order, which got critical acclaim for being a return to the old mechanics of shooting and the long-awaited true return of a beloved franchise.

With how creative the Liesel video was, only time will tell what Bethesda decides to parody next in order to show the world how deeply ingrained the Nazi way of thinking is in society nowadays. We could get Nazi cowboy movies, Nazi war films, and so much more.

Either way, we’ll have to see what the next brace of Wolfenstein 2 videos is, and we’ll likely see even more when Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus comes out on October 27 of this year.