Over 40,000 Counter-Strike Accounts Banned Right After Steam Summer Sale

The Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system has just purged a large number of cheaters and hackers from within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community.

According to data provided by SteamDB, the latest ban wave started rolling out around the end of July 5 and went ballistic the next day. Over 40,000 Counter-Strike accounts were permanently banned within the last twenty-four hours, which is the largest ever in a single day in recent months.

Looking at the monthly graphs, over 128,000 accounts were taken away last month alone. However, last June retains the record for the largest ban wave seen by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the time, over 173,000 accounts were sent packing.

Whether it was coincidental or not, Valve chose to roll out the latest ban wave right after it was done with its annual Steam Summer Sale. Like always, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received an attractive discount during the event and it is with certainty that a lot of naughty individuals took advantage by trying to get back into the game. Unfortunately for such players, Valve was already standing guard. The developer, however, certainly appreciates the business offered.

Earlier this year, the developer revealed that it is relying on machine-learning to observe and learn data taken from every player in every match. This allows the system to take note of illegal third-party software that are designed to fool the anti-cheat measures.