God of War Combo Moves Will Be Possible Between Kratos and Atreus

There will be some cool new God of War combo moves that players will be able to pull off in the upcoming game, according to Aaron Kaufman of Sony Santa Monica. These combos will be special moves that Kratos and his son Atreus can pull off while fighting enemies.

Since Atreus is going to be Kratos’s constant traveling companion in the game, Sony Santa Monica not only had to make him not be an annoyance to keep track of, but also make him useful in combat. While we saw him be somewhat useful in the game’s original E3 2016 demo, Kaufman went into more detail on how Atreus can be useful.

For instance, one of the God of War combo moves that he talked about was when Atreus, at a signal from Kratos, would jump up on an enemy’s back and start firing arrows into the back of his head. Kratos, in turn, would then throw his axe at the enemy. While he didn’t reveal any more, it is a pretty cool thing to picture.

However, combo moves aren’t the only thing that will be different about the new God of War game. In addition to the new characters, the new setting, ruled by the Norse gods, is a far cry from Greece and its own gods. It’s been centuries since God of War 3, and Kratos has made his way to Scandanavia. Now, he must embark on a personal quest to try and leave his violent and bloody past behind.

According to Kaufman the God of War combo moves that you can pull off in combat, and indeed the combat and gore itself, is only a small part of the game. Players will also be coming with Kratos on his journey, inspired by Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us.

God of War will be releasing exclusively on the Playstation 4 sometime in 2018.