How to Access PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Zombie Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds zombie mode is accessible right now and is the toughest mode the game has to offer. In general, the game puts players in the middle of an Island with no weapons and supplies. 100 Players drop down and are going to fight their way to survival, the last one/team wins.

Meanwhile, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds zombie mode puts a team of up to 8 players against 100 player controlled zombies. These zombies can only perform melee attacks. Moreover, they are not hurt by being outside the play zone and are able to revive each other.

In order to access the zombie mode, you need to be a “PUBGPartner” if you wish to host your own custom zombies game in Battlegrounds. So who are “PUBGPartners”? Well, these are players who stream and advertise the game. You can access the mode as a zombie but can not host a game until the mode is public. Moreover, the waiting time is often a little too much as the match won’t start until 98 zombies are available.

Moreover, only the host can determine who is going to play as a zombie and who will be the human player. This means the host has control and would need to have a decent internet speed as well as be in an area that is close to your region.

Go to custom matches and find the zombies mode before hitting play to start matchmaking. You will also be presented with custom lobbies. Select the zombies lobby and you are good to go. Once the game starts, you will find yourself in the same pre-match lobby Island.

If you have any questions regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds zombie mode, take to the comments below.