The 15-Years Old Mystery of the Duct Taped Gamer Finally Solved

The duct taped gamer is an internet mystery that hadn’t been solved in 15-years but not anymore. We finally know who these people were and where this picture was taken. The picture originates from Mason, Michigan, where a close group of friends grew up playing video games in LAN parties and building PCs.

One of the LAN goers, Brian Schaeffer, stated that part of the fun over the years was seeing the internet go crazy over the origin of the picture, making fake stories and claims. They “just got goofy one day” during a LAN party and decided to tape Drew Purvis to the ceiling. Here’s an image of the duck taped framework being assembled:

They gathered the supplies needed for the operation, bought duct tape on a friend’s employee discount and had the tallest person, Brian, hold Drew aloft while the rest of the group wrapped duck tape around him. The picture actually is the second attempt at duct taping Drew to the beam. The tape was piercing into his body so they took him down and placed pillows between him and the tape and taped him back up.

The idea of him playing games while hanging from the beam came later when someone thought it would be cool to do this. They placed tables in front of him and put a computer to play games.

“We tried to keep a list of all the places we saw the picture pop up, but it just kept started showing up in more and more places,” said Brian. “It also speaks to how when something’s on the internet, it’s always going to be up there, you can’t hide it.”

Drew had to be brought down in a couple of hours as it was getting hotter being wrapped up like this. The story finally puts to rest where the picture comes from and what was going on.

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Source: Kotaku