Toshiba Enters Esports, Partners With Panda Global

Japanese multinational technology conglomerate Toshiba is the next major brand in the industry to mark its presence in the world of esports.

It has partnered with Panda Global, a relatively young organization that just celebrated its second anniversary last month. In accordance with the contractual wordings, the competitive rosters of Panda Global will utilize products like the Toshiba-owned OCZ solid state drives for their systems.

“Panda Global is proud to bring Toshiba into the esports space. The Toshiba-OCZ Series SSDs is a perfect fit for the esports enthusiast so it’s a natural fit for a partnership between us!” said Alan Bunney MD, Panda Global CEO, in an announcement.

“Toshiba understands the unique needs of gamers and we are constantly striving to deliver high performance SATA and NVMe solid state drives to empower esports and gaming enthusiasts,” said Alex Mei, vice president of storage outbound marketing at Toshiba. “Panda Global will be leveraging our retail Toshiba-OCZ Series SSDs throughout the year when training and competing and we are thrilled to work with such a fast growing and talented team.”

The esports organization features some of the top competitors in the fighting game community. It recently picked up Victor “Punk” Woodley for Street Fighter V, the eighteen-year-old “alpha” who has secured two premier events in a row this year. It also holds Eric “ESAM” Lew, a skilled Smash Bros. player who is known for his impressive command of Pikachu. Pandal Global also has representation in Splatoon and Hearthstone.

Toshiba is not the only technology brand that has taken an interest in showcasing wares through professional players. It joins the ranks of Intel and Samsung, who have been part of the competitive sphere for years.