Super Mario World Deal Offers More Than We Know

We are more than excited to visit Nintendo and Universal’s Super Mario World theme park. The deal between the two companies was announced recently and what’s even more exciting to know that the partnership is deeper than we think.

According to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, there is more to the deal than they have discussed. Speaking during a recent investor’s meeting, Miyamoto stated that it is not just a simple licensing deal. “This is more than just a simple licensing deal between Universal and Nintendo,” he explained. “It is a highly collaborative project between both companies, including a large number of Nintendo developers, myself included, so please look forward to more information to come.”

Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima added to Miyamoto’s statement by saying: “We are indeed moving forward with bringing our IP and characters to Universal’s theme parks through our connection with Universal Parks and Resorts. We have also announced that we will be expanding beyond Japan, with plans for Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California. So far, we have not determined whether we will move into any other locations besides the US and Japan. That will all depend on our future negotiations with Universal.”

Super Mario World theme park is going take some time to open but it sure is going to be amazing.

Thanks, Gamereactor