There Will Never Be A Playstation 4 Version Of Cuphead, Xbox And PC Only

Cuphead, a rotoscoped video game in the style of 1930s cartoons, finally has a release date of September 29 of this year. It will be coming out on the Xbox One and PC, but the developers have also given a reason why there will never be a Playstation 4 version of Cuphead.

Cuphead was first revealed several years ago at Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference, and stars the titular character Cuphead as he attempts to pay back a debt that he owes the Devil. The game immediately won interest due to its odd art style and the possibility of a new difficult run-and-gun game, but people had been starting to lose hope that it would come out due to the lack of a release date.

Now that this past E3 has given a release date to the game, anticipation is building once again on the game’s platforms. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Playstation 4 version of Cuphead, so if you want to play it you’ll need either an Xbox One or a PC.

The issue popped up mainly due to the confusing language that was used during Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference, which used multiple different phrases to introduce games that often confused people on whether or not they would be exclusive to the Xbox One or would be exclusive on launch.

However, we do have confirmation from one of the developers, Tyler Moldenhauer, that the game will be an Xbox and PC exclusive. It will also likely come to Linux and Macintosh platforms. However, there will not be a Playstation 4 version of Cuphead as the boys at StudioMDHR still own the IP and apparently aren’t keen on porting it.

Considering all of the time and work they’ve put into just making sure that it runs on the PC and Xbox One, you can hardly blame them. But, once again, if you want to play Cuphead you’ll need either a PC or an Xbox console.