New WWE 2K18 Information Shared by 2K, Graphics, Gameplay and More

The latest WWE 2K game is getting closer and closer to release, and 2K has released a lot of new WWE 2K18 information to help drum up anticipation. WWE 2K18 will be the most recent in the long line of WWE 2K games, which have been being developed since 2000.

Among all of the new information we get includes things from gameplay, from graphics, from choosable wrestlers, and more. The game will even have a “story mode” in the form of the “My Career” mode, which will be “more concise” and will apparently focus more on storytelling. If there’s one thing WWE loves, it’s stories, so it’ll definitely be interesting.

According to the new WWE 2K18 information, the game has gotten a graphical enhancement, which will have things like a new rendering system, new shaders for the skins of characters, and real-time reflection technology to make the characters even more lifelike.

There’s going to be a lot of characters, too. Apparently the roster for this game is the largest one that’s ever been in a WWE 2K game, even with a number of iconic characters missing (such as the Undertaker, who retired back in April four years after the death of Paul Bearer, his manager.

Players can also expect a better comments system, different fighting styles, a reworked submission system, the ability for eight different wrestlers to be in the ring at once, more game options, and more.

The last few WWE 2K games have gotten rather mixed or negative reviews for a number of reasons, such as leaving out mechanics or lacking certain qualities. However, the games have always sold well for the wrestling crowd, and if all of the changes we’ve heard about in the new WWE 2K18 information end up being true, WWE 2K18 may be the best game yet.