Microsoft Xbox One X To Feel Like A ‘Premium PC Experience’ According To Head of Xbox Operations

The Microsoft Xbox One X is all the hype these days, at least when it comes to console gaming. While there is a debate regarding whether or not gamers are ready for 4K, the Xbox One X is still a very powerful piece of hardware which should not be taken lightly. Head of Xbox operations Dave McCarthy recently talked about the console.

According to him, Microsoft wanted customers to feel a premium PC experience when using the Xbox One X. While the graphics and FPS that the console delivers seems to be unlike any console that we have seen, comparing it to the PC master race seems to be a long shot.

It seems that Microsoft wants to compete with PC in one way or the other, at least that is what we can take away from this interview. The Xbox One X is a very powerful machine but we have yet to see what it has to offer from a third party point of view. All information we have is from Microsoft.

According to McCarthy:

“The way we look at it, choice feels like the right principle right now. There are consumers that really want to balance price against capabilities. But there will always be customers in your segment of gamers that want the best of the best, and I think that up until now the PC space was really the only place they could go to get that. They now have the ability to get that in the console space”

As of right now, the Xbox One X might be the best console that you can buy but it is safe to say that when it comes to the gaming industry as a whole it is far from the best of the best. I mean it is very hard to compete with PC. One of the things that were mentioned was that developers will have a lot of freedom.

 “We’re all about the developer choice there overall. Different developers are going to choose to do different things for different game formats. But the good news is that the Xbox One SDK that everyone writes to will be able to handle that variation. You don’t need a unique version for Xbox One X. It’s just going to know if I’m running a One X, will take advantage of it and going to feel like a premium PC experience overall”

Developers have the flexibility to decide whether to make the graphics better or the FPS higher. Microsoft has already made it clear that it will be up to the developers, what they choose to do with all the power that the Xbox One X has to offer. McCarthy also talked about how simple the Xbox One X is for devs.

 “It’s been very, very straightforward for developers to get stuff up-and-running in a day or two on Xbox One X. And what’s exciting about that, for us, is that it leaves them the headroom to do what they want, whether that’s to take advantage of a 2,160 frame buffer, or push their frame rate to the absolute max”.

Let us know what you think about the Microsoft Xbox One X  and whether or not you are interested in buying one when it comes out.